Cross Stitch Shop

By: Angie Sipe

Store Inventory

My inventory is listed in a photo gallery style for easy navigation.  Just click on the catagory you would like, and choose any picutre you want for a cross stitch pattern.  Finished pieces and kits will be listed in seperate catagories and will have the prices listed below each item.

Here is a link to my photo page.

Keep in mind:  If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask, I have many more to add to my page and am working on new items constantly. 

Thanks for looking!!!
All of my patterns are $12.99 each (sent in a PDF file via email unless you request a paper copy through the mail).  If you would like a paper copy of the pattern I will ship to you within the US for $16.99.  No international (outside US) shipping available through this site.  

Once you find a pattern/finished item you would like to order, send me an email.  Please make sure you state which pattern and delivery type you would like.  I will create a custom paypal invoice and send it to your email.  Once the payment has cleared I will send your item(s) to you using the delivery option that you choose. 

All sales are final, no returns will be accepted so please make sure that you ask any questions that you have before placing the order, however, I am always here to help any way I can just email me.
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